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When you want to make a good impression to the people visiting your establishment, how things ‘look’ is of prime importance. Also, the subconscious ‘feel’ of the place has to be right. Good decoration is the base of any rooms atmosphere and we understand how important that is to you. That is why we only employ experienced, highly skilled, even gifted staff to work on your property.

Anyone can put a coat of paint on. If they can’t, it would take less than a week to teach them. Where the skill of decorating comes, is in the preparation work and knowing which materials to use for the desired effect. There are many diverse skills required in the preparation work. What is the most appropriate method of removing old paint from woodwork or walls? Using the right filler for the right job. Knowing what and how different materials react with each other, etc. Painting directly onto a wall that has old wallpaper paste on it does NOT produce a good effect.

It’s not just about painting either. While it is not used as much as it once was, wallpaper is still the choice for many decoration effects. Given the high price of some of the modern wallpapers available, would you really want an ambitious handyman putting them on for you? Our experts are the choice of many for that particular job. Skilled scissormen who know their way around a pasting table.

While we have listed some of our decorating services below, we are always open to your suggestions or requirements. Give us a call now and let us discuss what you desire.

We operate in mostly of the Central and Western areas of London but we do work further afield if that is where you need us.

Decorating Services We Offer:

Preparation work


Wallpaper hanging

Silicone sealing


Patching and painting touch-ups

Can’t see the service you require?

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Actually putting the paint on is the easy part of the job. We have some clients that love painting but hate getting everything ready. It doesn’t happen often but it is a service we can provide for you if you really don’t like stripping off the old paint and wallpaper, filling cracks, sanding down and everything else that goes with this fun part of the job.


Cracked tiles, inefficient windows and dodgy plumbing are all signs that your bathroom or kitchen could need to be refurbished. We have the installers you need, whatever the scale of the job. We can put in all the necessary fittings and fixtures, make short work of all the tiling on the floor and walls, and sort out all the plumbing and electrics. Job done!

Wallpaper services

Watching how some of our staff handle a pair of scissors when shaping wallpaper ready for hanging, you’d think they’d been trained on Blue Peter. The TV program where they made all sorts of wondrous things with the simplest of materials: a roll of sticky tape, a pot of glue and a pair of scissors. Such mastery is amazing to watch. When you are paying top prices for wallpaper, you will feel confident that someone skilled is looking after your interests. When they are finished, it will be your visitors that will be impressed – by the result.

Silicone Sealing Services

Silicone seals around baths, sinks and showers often get attacked by mould and look unsightly. A regularly used service we offer is to remove the old silicone, clean the area to be resealed and then apply new silicone. This is not the easiest of jobs to perform as the old silicone often sticks extremely well, even though it is no longer serviceable. While getting a good line with the new silicone is an art in itself. That’s why you’ll need to call in our professionals to do this job for you.


Tiling, or retiling, is often done when renovations or upgrades to a property are taking place; although sometimes it’s just for a change of décor or when old tiles become troublesome. Whether it’s floor or wall tiles, our experienced fitters are at your service. However, if we need to work in conjunction with other trades people, we would appreciate you calling us well ahead of time so we can schedule accordingly. It’s not absolutely essential, but this is a service where we can get very busy at times.

Small works

Some jobs might seem just too small that you might not expect a professional company such as ours to be interested in them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know small incidents can happen and need to be efficiently remedied quickly. There are any number of occasions where only a part of a room, or just a doorframe, needs repainting. Even if it’s just to patch up and repaint a small amount of damage, we’d be happy to do those for you. We’ll quote you and we’ll be there.

Full decorating service

Over recent years we have carried out many decorating jobs. We have worked on both residential and commercial property. For landlords with tenants, where we usually liaise directly with the tenants once the job specification has been established with the rental manger or landlord. We have worked in large government establishments as well as small properties. However you look at it, we are perfectly placed to serve your needs when it comes to painting and decorating services. Our friendly experienced staff often get invited back to do further work for our clients or their friends to who we have been recommended. Just give us a call and you too can become one of our many satisfied customers.

Peace of mind

All our installations come with a one-year guarantee. In addition, for your further peace of mind, our company is covered by extensive public liability insurance. Our rigorous Health and Safety policy protects both you and our employees.

Transparent pricing

We’ll always be upfront with you about how much a job will cost and provide free, accurate quotes that are clear to understand. What’s more, you only pay for the actual time it takes us to do a job.

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