Plumbing Services

Of all the services that can go wrong in most properties, it’s plumbing that creates the most urgency.
In an emergency, you need a plumber quick – like NOW! Obviously, that’s not totally practical but at Bright Castle we do get pretty close. None of this “Turn the stop-tap off and we’ll get around to coming out to you a week on Tuesday” from us.

While accidents and emergencies do happen, it’s better if your plumbing was installed properly in the first place. Which is why we employ some of the best engineers to do exactly that for you too. Whether it’s a partial or completely new installation or relocating of existing equipment you require, our engineers are on hand to help you out. We also appreciate that it isn’t always convenient for us to attend during normal working hours so we can accommodate you there if needed – just ask.

We have listed below many of the plumbing services that we offer; for anything not listed please call and ask.

We operate mostly in the Central and Western areas of London but we do work further afield if that is where you need us.

Plumbing Services we offer

Plumbing installations & replacements:

Taps, valves and cartridges installation and replacement

Basin and sink replacement and fitting

Bath and shower installation

Installation of toilets and bidets

Radiator replacement

Plumbing Repair:

Leak fixing

Tap fixing

Drain unblocking

Shower and toilet repairs

Radiators repair

Can’t see the service you require?

We have not put all we do on this website, it could get a bit much.
Please take a look around and if you do not see the service you require just give us a call.

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How we can help


From dripping to taps to cold radiators, plumbing repair headaches can be many and varied and may crop up at any time. Let us help, whatever’s wrong. The list above is certainly not exhaustive, so contact us for a swift no-fuss solution.


Urinals, sinks, toilets, waste disposal systems, showers and baths can all become blocked. Leave us to sort the problem and identify the cause.

Replacements & installations

Sometimes, wear and tear is so extensive that a repair is not economically viable, or you may just want a new look. From a single tap to a complete bathroom, we’re here to help.

Call the professionals!

We only use staff we’d want working in our own homes. Polite, professional and punctual. Our plumbers have the skills, qualifications and experience to provide an impeccable level of customer service and do a quality job. Whatever your issue, they’ll have seen it before. They’ll also do a thorough job of cleaning up after themselves and cause minimal disruption.

Peace of mind

All our installations come with a one-year guarantee. In addition, for your further peace of mind, our company is covered by extensive public liability insurance. Our rigorous Health and Safety policy protects both you and our employees.

Transparent pricing

We’ll always be upfront with you about how much a job will cost and provide free, accurate quotes that are clear to understand. What’s more, you only pay for the actual time it takes us to do a job.

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